Are you passionate about saving lives and empowering others with life-saving skills? The CPR & First Aid Instructor Course is designed for individuals who aspire to become certified instructors, leading others in the critical techniques of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid. This comprehensive course equips participants with the knowledge, practical skills, and instructional techniques needed to confidently teach these essential life-saving skills to diverse audiences.

Key Highlights:

Who Should Attend:

Course Duration:

The CPR & First Aid Instructor Course is typically 8 hours of in class room work, allowing participants to absorb the content thoroughly and develop proficiency in both theory and practical aspects.


To enroll in the course, participants should have a current CPR & First Aid certification and a genuine interest in teaching life-saving skills to others.

Career Opportunities:

Upon completion, participants can explore various career opportunities, including working with healthcare organizations, educational institutions, community centers, and fitness facilities as certified CPR & First Aid instructors.

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Join us in making a difference by becoming a certified CPR & First Aid Instructor. Enroll now to take the first step toward empowering individuals and communities with life-saving skills. Together, let’s create a safer and more prepared world.