First Aid & CPR Training

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Welcome to the National Wilderness Leadership Institute! As avid supporters of outdoor exploration and safety, we are thrilled to extend our warmest greetings to all wilderness enthusiasts visiting our site. At NWLI, we prioritize equipping individuals with the essential skills needed to thrive in outdoor environments through our comprehensive Wilderness First Aid, CPR, and AED training programs. Whether you’re an experienced adventurer or just beginning your journey into the wild, our courses are designed to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to handle medical emergencies effectively in remote settings. Join us in fostering a culture of safety and preparedness as we embark on exciting wilderness adventures together.

Our commitment to excellence in wilderness safety education sets us apart. With highly qualified instructors and hands-on training experiences, we ensure that participants receive the most up-to-date and practical knowledge in wilderness first aid, CPR, and AED usage. Whether you’re preparing for a backcountry expedition, leading outdoor excursions, or simply seeking to enhance your personal skill set, NWLI provides the expertise and resources necessary to navigate challenging situations with poise and proficiency. Join our community of outdoor enthusiasts dedicated to promoting safety, camaraderie, and responsible wilderness stewardship. Adventure awaits – let’s embark on this journey together, with safety as our compass.

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